Controlling Access Permissions

Access Permissions can be configured for several work areas within the administration area, and can also set display permissions in the frontend. 

You can configure ACL for work areas within the administration area in Configuration > Access Control List. To configure a certain permission, just check the box next to the Permission Name for the Customer Role to which you want give the permission.


Usage Scenario

Imagine you run a business where you have several employees, and you want them to edit only work areas within the scope of their responsibility. In this case, you would create customer roles for them and assign the groups according to their responsibility. If you have, for example, an employee who is responsible for public relations, you may want to give him access to administer the forum, the news and the blog section, but not the right to edit product data or anything else in the store. So, you would set up a customer role for him and assign this group with the following permissions Admin area. Manage Forums Admin area. Manage News and  Admin area. Manage Blog.


Other Usage Scenarios

Other scenarios for ACL usage are configuring a shop where prices are displayed only to registered users, or configuring a shop as a product catalog without an online ordering option.