Downloading as PDF

There are several areas in SmartStore.NET where the shop administrator or even users can download documents in PDF format (e.g. orders, shipment slips, or product catalog). To create these documents, SmartStore.NET uses the the Wkhtmltopdf component. The creation of these documents is based on HTML templates, which are included in SmartStore.NET and can easily be adapted by the shop administrator who has some knowledge of HTML. 

Template Files

Master Template\Views\Shared\_Print.cshtml
Header Template\Views\Common\PdfReceiptHeader.cshtml

Footer Template

Order Template\Views\Order\Details.Print.cshtml
Packing Slip Template


Pdf-Catalog Cover Template\Administration\Views\Product\PdfCatalog.Print.Cover.cshtml
Pdf-Catalog Product Item Template\Administration\Views\Product\PdfCatalog.Print.cshtml
Pdf-Catalog Footer Template\Administration\Views\Product\PdfCatalog.Print.Footer.cshtml
CSS File\Content\print.css