Activate Summernote

How to activate Summernote HTML Editor

Summernote is a lightweight, "super simple WYSIWYG HTML editor" based on Bootstrap. It loads and initializes much faster than the default TinyMCE editor. It also provides sophisticated code editing capabilities thanks to CodeMirror integration.

If you're willing to sacrifice some TinyMCE comfort in exchange for speed and better code editing, then Summernote is the right tool for you. V2 SmartStore.NET has built-in support for Summernote, but the feature is still marked as experimental, because it is far from being finished at the moment. Once it reaches stable state (V1), we will eventually switch to Summernote as the default editor. Until then, you have to turn it on manually:

  • Configuration > Settings > All Settings
  • Filter the column Setting Name and search for a setting named adminareasettings.richeditorflavor
  • Change the value RichEditor to RichEditor.SummerNote

Now your HTML-Editor should look like this: