The SmartStore.Net Web API requires configuration by the storekeeper in order to start working. First of all, the storekeeper must install the Web API plugin in the backend of SmartStore.Net. The plugin technology gives him the opportunity to activate or deactivate the entire Web API at any time without any impact on the online store.

The next step is to configure the API on the plugin's configuration page. The main thing here is to provide individual members access to the API and the data of the online store. Therefore, the storekeeper can create a public and a secret key for each registered member. Only a registered member with both keys has access to the API. To exclude a member from the API, the storekeeper can either delete the keys of the member (permanent exclusion) or disable them (temporary exclusion). A member's roles and rights are taken into consideration when data is accessed via the API.

The consumer must transmit the public key through a custom HTTP header field, which identifies the member accessing the API. The secret key, on the other hand, should never ever be sent over the wire! It should only be known by the storekeeper and the member accessing the Web API. It is used solely for encryption, as described in the following chapters.

To develop an own Web API consumer, implementers should be familiar with REST API consumer implementation and in particular with the OData provider.