Updating from Previous Versions

To update your store from a previous version, download the latest release of SmartStore.NET from GitHub. There are two versions of SmartStore.NET for every release: one is the source code version, and the other is a version that has already been compiled and can be used directly. Before you update your store, you should create a backup of the database as well as the file system so that you can restore the state of your store just in case something fails during the update. 

After you've got your backups, you should delete every directory of your store except the following:

  • App_Data
  • Media

Now you can just unzip the package you've downloaded and upload the files onto your webspace. And that's it! After the upload has finished, your shop is updated and all the new functions can be used.

Trouble Shooting

  • If you're not working with a fork, you should document the changes made to the source code so that you can restore the changes once having updated the store.
  • If you've made changes to the file user.less, which is intended to be customized by the shop administrator, you should NOT overwrite or restore it after the update is finished.
  • If you've installed plugins from third parties that don't work after the update, you should deactivate them and contact the responsible developer.
  • The first few page views can take a while longer than you're used to.
  • Database changes are made automatically by SmartStore.NET. There's no need to execute any SQL scripts in your database management tool.