Introducing SmartStore.NET


SmartStore.NET is a free, open source, full-featured e-commerce solution for companies of any size. It is web standards-compliant and incorporates the newest Microsoft web technology stack.

SmartStore.NET includes all essential features to create multilingual and multi-currency stores targeting desktop or mobile devices and enabling SEO optimized rich product catalogs with support for an unlimited number of products and categories, variants, bundles, datasheets, ESD, discounts, coupons and many more.

A comprehensive set of tools for CRM & CMS, sales, marketing, payment & shipping/handling, etc. makes SmartStore.NET a powerful all-in-one solution fulfilling all your needs... totally FREE!

SmartStore.NET delivers a beautiful and configurable shop front end out-of-the-box, built with a design approach on the highest level, including components like Twitter BootstrapLess CSS and others. The innovative ShopBar, a powerful layered navigation, reviews & ratings, an optimized checkout process... they all provide a perfect shopping experience for your buyers.

The state-of-the-art architecture of SmartStore.NET - with ASP.NET 4.5 + MVC 5Entity Framework 6 and Domain Driven Design approach - makes it easy to extend, extremely flexible and essentially fun to work with (wink)    


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General Functions

Customer Login/My AccountAllows each shop visitor who registers at the shop to set up a customer account. The account allows customers to record addresses, view orders and track delivery status. ImportAllows you to easily transfer almost all of the data (more information about the import scope can be found here) from your existing Shop.
Stock Level ManagementAllows you to get an overview of which products need to be reordered.
Order and Customer ManagementAllows you to print invoices as well as enable product ratings and blog entries.

Customer Management

Management of Customer GroupsAllows you to define customer groups and specify the visibility of prices for different customer groups.
Surveys Allows you to create surveys and receive feedback on your products and campaigns.
Gift VouchersOffers your customers the option to buy gift vouchers for your shop.
Wish Lists Offers your customers the option of creating their own wish lists and forwarding them conveniently to friends and acquaintances.

Product Management

Specification AttributesAllows you to define comprehensive product attributes for a clear overview.
Extensive Variant SystemEnables the Shop-Administrator to create different variations of products. 
Product ComparisonOffers your customers the option to compare products at your shop.
Multiple StoresAllows the management of products across multiple stores.
Electronic Downloads (ESD)Allows configurable download permission of virtual products, including optional delivery of license data and user agreements.

Mobile Devices

100 % Optimized for Mobile DevicesThe Shop automatically detects if your shop visitors are accessing your shop from a mobile device and displays the shop in an optimized view for low resolution.
SMS NotificationAllows you to notify your customers as soon as a requested product is back in stock.


E-mail MarketingAllows e-mail marketing by newsletter with adaptable templates.
Bonus Points and Loyalty ProgramOffers bonus points and loyalty program, customer retention and enticement to make multiple purchases.
Reviews and RatingsAllows you to increase your sales and encourage more customers to make a purchase with product reviews and ratings.
Cross-PromotionsProvides intelligent cross-promotion examples based on previously viewed products.
Export to Shopping PortalsProvides interfaces to price comparison portals: Google Base, billger, ShopWahl, etc.


Pre-ordersWith SmartStore.NET, you offer your customers the option of pre-ordering products if these are not yet available.
Management of Returned Goods/RMAAllows you to handle the workflow of returned goods.
Delivery TrackingCustomers can check the delivery status of their orders online.
Input fields during the order processFreely definable input fields during the order process (e.g. checkbox for gift packaging).


Meta TagsDefine customized meta and title tags for each product, item category and manufacturer.
Displaying News on the Home PageEnsure that news is displayed automatically on your homepage so that search engines always classify your content as current, hence giving it a high ranking.
Search Engine Friendly URLsThanks to so-called speaking URLs, you receive top ratings from all relevant search engines. You can assign search engine friendly page names for content such as products and category pages.

Payment Interfaces

Payment on delivery, pre-payment, credit cardIn SmartStore.NET, all standard payment methods such as payment on delivery, pre-payment or credit card are available to you in addition to the online payment methods.
Amazon Payments

Login and Pay with Amazon makes it easy for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to shop on your site by providing the means to let them pay with the data stored at Amazon.

PayPal expressPayPal Express offers your customers a particularly quick payment method by shortening the purchasing process, thereby reducing the number of purchase cancellations at your shop.
And many moreFor more payment interfaces, visit the SmartStore Community Marketplace.